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Mechanical hardware

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  Mechanical hardware

  The application of laser in the Hardware Process Industry has become more and more extensive. The Laser helps people make high-quality and secure mark on various kinds of materials, cut out tool shapes, or even makes a different carving of different depth

  The use of a laser system can be implemented in many areas. In the area of the production of raw materials and finished products, these can be marked from the start with, for example, a serial number or a 1D & 2D code in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. This guarantees an always complete quality assurance and a clear identification.

  In the area of tool production, a laser system can be used to mark tools with consecutive serial numbers, 1D & 2D codes and logos. Furthermore, chip breakers can be produced or circumferential marking of round parts with scales, logos and serial numbers. Depending on the composition of the material, plastics can also be foamed or carbonized.

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