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PCB industry

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  PCB industry

  The development of the intelligent 3C industry has led to the rapid development of the thin and light electronic industry chain and the rapid development of precision. As the electronic component, the carrier PCB is especially important in the development

  Printed circuit boards require some message. Barcodes, 2D and UID codes, serial number, batch numbers, and company information, logos, etc. Laser PCB marking is non-contact, no ink, no chemical and pollution, low running cost, permanent marking, good for the environment.

  The advanced laser processing technology can be directly formed at one time. The non-contact processing has no burrs, high precision and high speed. In particular, the PCB on which the components are processed and welded will not cause damage to the components. By comparison, it can be seen that the traditional processing methods can not meet the ever-changing market demands such as narrower line width and narrower line spacing, smaller and smaller apertures, and higher flexibility. Advanced laser processing technology solutions are undoubtedly the best choice.

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