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Auto industry

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  Auto industry

  Laser processing technology is an advanced technology of automobile production, which has been applied to make high-quality car accessories as well as fitting signs for years. Laser engraving, laser engraving, laser etching, technology, laser welding as w

  The requirements for the marking of the products can´t be more varied. Starting with the well-known day / night design mark by removing paint on switches, buttons and controls, so that the base material to be backlit becomes visible, for direct inscription of individual nameplates, up to black and white marking on metals.

  All labeling requirements can be implemented extremely flexibly with the use of a laser marking system. Continuous serial numbers, various 1D & 2D codes, logos and much more, can be labeled with a single laser marking system individually and also partially or fully automatically on the product.

  With the use of a camera system, the position and orientation can be detected, the caption can be automatically adjusted, and the content and quality can be checked. Thus you achieve high quality assurance as well as high production efficiency.

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