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What are the working principles and advantages of UV laser m

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The working principle of the UV laser marking machine: Like the general fiber line laser marking machine, it also uses the laser beam to mark the long-term marking on the surface of various chemical substances. The reflection principle in the ultraviolet laser production and processing is based on photochemistry. The effect of reaction dissolution is completed, that is, with the help of laser kinetic energy to cut off the bonds between molecules or molecular structures, so that they become small molecules, water vaporizes and volatilizes. The focus point is very small, and there are few thermally hazardous areas in production and processing, so it can carry out ultra-fine marking and material marking.
  As a new favorite of laser marking machines, the price of UV laser marking machines is relatively more expensive. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So what are the unique features of UV laser marking machines?
  Using advantages of UV laser marking machine
  Basic model all-in-one machine: The basic model can be used for most of the applications currently on the market, and most of the basic applications can be performed.
   Low output power air-cooled narrow pulse width: sheet-like drawing of metal materials, narrow pulse width marking, can ensure no back marks and deep line. Laminated glass internal carving, narrow pulse width, can be internally carved inside thinner laminated glass (super thin laminated glass can be in millimeters).
  Mobile phone glass back cover, low output power and narrow pulse width have good digestibility of printing ink, and it is not easy to have back marks on the printing ink layer. In addition, low-output power equipment uses air-cooled cooling methods. The advantages of volume are more convenient and quicker in installation and application.
High-power narrow pulse width: FPC masking film laser cutting layer, laser cutting is efficient and fast, with fewer black frames after cutting; laminated glass laser cutting, porcelain hole laser cutting, high-frequency laser cutting, high efficiency and fast, laser cutting without burrs Edge collapse; agate stone is whitened and marked with high frequency, which is not suitable for getting rid of. The actual effect can be maintained evenly on the slope.
With the rapid development trend of laser machinery and equipment, the output power of UV laser marking machines has increased. UV laser marking machines have long been used in the ultra-fine production and processing market, iPhone, skin care products, drugs, food and other fiber materials Marking on the surface of plastic packaging bottles; marking and patching on flexible PCB boards; production and processing of silicon wafer microporous plates and buried holes; LCD liquid crystal panels, glass container surface layers, metal surface coatings, plastic function keys, electrical components, There are several industries such as gifts, communication equipment, and building decoration materials.
The process of ultraviolet laser production and processing is called "photoetching" effect. "Cold drawing" (ultraviolet) photonic beauty with long-term load of kinetic energy can cut off the ionic bonds in the material or surrounding materials, and even destroy the material in the non-thermal process. . This kind of cold drawing has a very significant meaning in laser marking production and processing, because it is not thermal burnout, but does not produce "thermal damage" adverse reactions, cut off the cold detachment of the ionic bond, and therefore affect the inner layer of the processed surface There is no effect of heating or thermal deformation in adjacent areas. The material produced and processed has a wet edge and a very low degree of carbonization.
  Ultraviolet laser marking machine shows a very high digestibility when applied to epoxy resin and copper, and also has a moderate digestibility when producing and processing laminated glass. Only the more expensive excimer laser (optical wavelength 248nm) can obtain a stronger all-round digestibility in the production and processing of this key raw material. This difference in raw materials makes UV lasers a good choice for the use of various PCB raw materials in many industrial production industries, from the production of basic circuit boards and power circuit routing to the production of pocket-sized embedded integrated ICs. And other advanced processing techniques are universal. The computer operating system of the ultraviolet laser marking machine immediately changes from the auxiliary design design data information to the production and processing of circuit boards, which means that no intermediary is needed in the circuit board processing. Coupled with the ability to accurately focus the ultraviolet light, the ultraviolet laser system software can implement unique planning schemes and repeat precise positioning. It can be said that precise positioning is accurate, which is also a must in the circuit board manufacturing industry.




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