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To improve the depth of laser marking machine marking three

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  To improve the depth of laser marking machine marking three use tricks

  1, laser power range

  From a range of laser power, laser power will directly improve the laser mark depth. But it must keep in mind that once changed the laser power, its form a complete set of laser power supply, cooling water machine for laser, laser tuning Q system, such as the laser with the cavity mirror can change face, costs will increase many workload will increase.

  Laser marking machine

  2, optimization of the laser beam quality

  From laser essence, optimization of the laser beam quality, also can improve the strength and depth of laser marking machine. From lasing approach to deal with this method, such as in laser cavity to rig, such as the replacement good laser material, laser crystal, or change in higher levels of gases, replace the quality more reliable and stable laser pump sources are used, and the output laser full mirror, mirror and other measures.

  3, using high quality laser group

  In subsequent laser flare processing, using high quality laser group, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For example, use high quality beam expander, make good spot after the beam expander a similar to the perfect spot of gaussian beam. Using high quality F - ∝ field lens, made by laser has a better light focus, a better spot. Used in the effective width facular energy more evenly.




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