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Laser Welding Machine


Fiber Transmission Laser Welding Machine

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  Working Principle for Model AKM-CPF

  Fiber-optic transmission laser can realize non-contact long-distance operation through fiber output welding, which is convenient to integrate with automatic production line. Fiber-optic transmission laser adopts real-time feedback control system of laser power. According to the pre-set laser waveform, combined with the laser power detection device, the system can control the laser power supply in real-time closed-loop, adjust the output current of the power supply, and keep the laser energy stable automatically. Laser power real-time feedback control system eliminates the instability of laser energy caused by power grid fluctuation, water temperature change, xenon lamp aging, and improves the consistency of welding products.

  Product Features

  It has high aspect ratio, small weld width, small heat affected area, small deformation and fast welding speed.

  The weld seam is smooth and beautiful. There is no need or simple process after welding.

  With high quality and no pore, the base metal magazine can be reduced and optimized. The structure can be refined after welding. The strength and toughness of the weld are at least equal to or even more than that of the base metal.

  It can be precisely controlled, the focus point is small, the position can be precisely positioned, and the automation can be easily realized.

  Joints can be welded between some dissimilar materials.

  It can realize spot welding, butt welding, overlapping sealing welding, etc.

  Product Applications

  It can be used for metal connection and sealing, spot welding, butt welding, overlapping welding and sealing welding of various small devices, such as inductance, crystal oscillator, hard disk magnetic head, micro motor, optical communication joint, etc. It is now widely used in mobile communication, electronic components, glasses and clocks, jewelry, precision instruments, medicine, etc. Medical equipment, craft gifts and other industries.

  Technical Parameters

Laser Wavelength

1064nm 1064nm 1064nm

laser power

200W 300W 500W

Laser Pulse Energy

60J 80J 100J

Optical Fiber Output Quantity

4 routes (optional)

4 routes (optional)

1 route

Feedback mode


Current Energy Feedback


Current Energy Feedback

Current Energy Feedback

pulse width

0.2-15m/s (0.65-49.2ft/s) 0.2-15m/s (0.65-49.2ft/s) 0.2-15m/s (0.65-49.2ft/s)


Pulse frequency

0.4-200Hz 0.4-200Hz 1-200Hz


Solder joint size

0.4-2mm (0.015”-0.078”) 0.4-2mm (0.015”-0.078”) 0.4-3mm (0.015”-0.118”)


Laser energy change rate

<±1.5% <±1.5% <±1.5%


Main engine power consumption

≤6KW ≤12KW ≤18KW


Electricity demand

AC380V±10%/50Hz,30A AC380V±10%/50Hz,40A AC380V±10%/50Hz,50A


Cooling mode


Cooling-water machine


Cooling-water machine


Cooling-water machine



  Effect Pictures


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