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Laser Welding Machine


Pulse Laser Welding Machine

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  Working Principle for Model AKM-PHJ

  The welding machine can quickly and accurately repair the blowhole, slag hole and shrinkage hole in the casting process. The repair effect of nodular iron, gray iron, stainless steel and other defects is excellent. The welding repair speed is fast, and there is no color difference or small color difference after welding. It is suitable for the needs of large-scale production in factories.

  Product features

  · The processing speed is fast, the thermal deformation and the influence area are small.

  · Processing is noise-free, environment-friendly and easy to realize automation by combining with computer technology.

  · Because of the advanced processing methods, the existing product structure and materials can be improved, and the quality of the workpiece can be improved.

  · Without preheat treatment, the workpiece will not be annealed after welding, no deformation, no collapse, no pore and trachoma.

  Application field

  · It is suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness and special materials. It can heat treat parts locally, process parts with complex shape and small parts. It can be used for repairing cracks, cracks, edges, sand holes and wear-out of dies. It can also weld and repair the toughness and cutting edge of cold stamping dies.

  Technical Parameters

Laser Power 200W-800W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse Mode Pulse 0.3-20m/s (Pulse 0.98ft/s-65.61ft/s) Adjustable
Pulse Width 0-20m/s (0-65.61ft/s)
Power Consumed 5KW
Weight 220KG (485 lb)
Power Supply 220V or 380V
Cooling Mode Water Cooling

  Effect Pictures




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