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Laser Welding Machine


Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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FiberHandheld Laser Welding Machine Introduction

  Ekmi optical fiber hand-held laser welding machine uses a hand-held welding gun instead of the fixed optical path. It is flexible and convenient to handle welding, and has a longer welding distance. It overcomes the limitation of worktable space and can not be used automatically when the workpiece size is not uniform. Mainly for large workpieces, fixed position such as inner right angle, outer right angle, plane weld welding, welding heat affected area is small, deformation is small, and welding depth is large, welding is firm. It is a new flexible welding process for long distance welding of large workpiece.

  Product Features

  1. The hand-held welding gun replaces the fixed optical path before, which is more flexible and convenient, realizes long-distance laser welding and overcomes the limitation of worktable travel space.

  2. Hand-held welding joints are portable and flexible, easy to operate, and can satisfy welding of various angles and positions.

  3. The hand-held welding head can be equipped with imported optical fibers of 5 meters/10 meters, which can realize outdoor welding flexibly and conveniently.

  4. Infrared positioning is used to correct the position of welding joint and verify the position during welding. The welding position is more accurate and the weld is more beautiful.

  Product Applications

  Compare large size and irregular workpiece welding, such as: sheet metal, chassis, water tank, kitchen and toilet, washbasin sheet metal metal laser sealing welding; all kinds of metal lamp laser welding; door and window frame laser welding; billboard, advertising laser welding and so on.

  Technical parameter


Laser Power


Laser Wavelength




Fiber Length

5M, 10M (16.4ft, 32.8ft)

Beam Quality


Aiming and Positioning

Red Light + Inner and Outer                         Angle Automatic Welding Device

Facula Accessibility

φ0.2mm (φ0.0078)

Laser Output Stability


Pump Source


Laser Weight

40-100Kg (88 lb-220 lb)

Power Consumed


Power Supply

220V or 380V

Cooling Mode

Water Cooling

Host Size 




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