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Company Culture

   Company Purpose

  People-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, return to society.

  Business Purpose

  Reputation is supreme, Yonghua is the first, quality is satisfied, and delivery is on time. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with you and develop hand in hand.

  Service Purposes

  Warmly welcome new and old customers, understand customer needs accurately, strictly control the quality process, ensure the contract delivery cycle, carry out quality tracking in time, and quickly deal with quality objections.

  Quality Purpose

  With factory control standards that are superior to domestic and international standards, we meet customers' expectations and requirements for product quality.

  Enterprise Spirit

  Renowned in China and well-known in the world.

  Enterprise's Goal

  Create Chinese brands and produce world-class products.

  Marketing Strategy

  Unique variety, high quality, moderate price, timely delivery, flexible strategy and excellent service.

  Corporate Style

  Economy emphasizes efficiency, management emphasizes system, handling affairs stresses principles, and work stresses efficiency.

  Business Ethics


  Business Philosophy

  People do not have me, people have me better, people are better than me, people are special I am fine.


  Leading thinking, people-oriented.



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