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Why choose us

Factory production, Drop shipping

Focus on laser equipment research and development, manufacturing, factory production scale is at the forefront of the industry. Annual production of 10,000 laser equipment, sufficient production capacity, fast delivery. The qualified rate of factory products is 99.8%.

Direct Delivery, Preferential price

Passed the European CE safety certification, provide cost-effective laser equipment for global customers. Own the world's advanced Japanese OKUMA-BYJC vertical processing center and testing equipment. Akeme Laser focuses on R&D and manufacturing, and with several of patented technologies and invention.

Customized service, Customized on demand

It mainly includes more than 100 kinds of products such as intelligent industrial laser processing equipment (small and medium power equipment, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser micro-processing systems, etc.), intelligent automated robotic systems, laser 3D remanufacturing systems, etc., providing automation solutions, according to customers Demand personalized customized production.

Professional after-sales, Perfect service

Free technical consultation, software upgrades, etc. The response time of customer service is within 24 hours; After the equipment warranty expires, maintenance services are provided for life; After the warranty expires, extensive software and hardware support is still provided.


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